Unique telling of what’s going on, around and with, a coma patient but so much more.

Told from the viewpoints of two different women, this novel chronicles an accident victim’s sojourn in a nursing facility while in a coma (and so much more!) Although the woman’s family quickly gives up hope of her recovery, her husband stays by her side caring for her, singing and talking to her throughout the day (and night), for months. He is assisted in his watch by a nurse assigned to the room his wife where his wife lays, an immigrant from Ghana who is still adjusting to her life far from her home and her tragic past... April 2019 ~ Karen Siddall on Amazon

I read West B'Egg before and just love the style of Mari Reiza. Reading her makes you realise how same-y and commercial most of the books hyped up on the market are. As a writer, I'm always open to new thinkers and this is just what Reiza is. "A Pack of Wolves" is poetic, strange, surreal, written alternately from the heart, from the gut, from the brain, and from the Jungian subconscious. I really recommend this for anyone who is looking for genuinely different literature. June 2018 ~ Valentina on Amazon

Harsh and witty, peppered with blood and tears, discomfort and pain- almost like a car accident you can’t look away.
November 2017 ~ Lima on Amazon

This is my first encounter with Marie Reiza but I know it will not by my last. I love Reiza's style. I love the way she combines a woman's struggle for freedom against the backdrop of a conservative family environment. The protagonist felt like a woman who could become my best friend. What I particularly appreciated was the wicked streak of humour that runs throughout the book. I would describe this book as excellent feminist reading. Intelligent and liberating. When I finished it, I wanted to go straight back to the beginning and start all over again. Instead, I decided to try a new book by the same author to see if she would live up to my expectations a second time. Well worth your while! 

April 2017 ~ Hungry Caterpillar on Amazon

I love to try new writers all the time. So when I saw the title it intrigued me. I am not going to go over the plot again. I am going to say you need to read this book. March 2017 ~ Amazon Customer

I’m giving the book a 4 out of 5 stars. Readers will be able to identify with Marie. They will find themselves in her teenage struggles. They can sympathize with her dealings with her broken family. They can relive loves gone wrong through her story. I’d like to know how the rest of Marie’s story plays out. May 2018 ~ Amazon Customer

Author Mari Reiza has a wonderful way with words that takes you into the thoughts of Ivanka that are both wondering and sad. The story is breathtaking as it looks at raw and real emotions. I found myself captivated trying to understand the mental journey that both Ivanka and Maria were going through. This book was not afraid to look into the dark and hard emotions of humankind. I enjoyed reading this book and the beautiful writing style immensely. I am very excited to follow this author and continue reading the rest of the book written by Reiza. I would highly recommend this story to those interested in the human condition and stories of strength and sadness. Beautiful story.

February 2018 Emerson Rose Craig on Amazon